Who or What is God?

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

[Picture of Charlton Heston as Moses]WRITING about God is always going to be controversial, that’s a given, but everybody seems to be doing it on the web, so I thought I would contribute to the debate in my own small way.

I ask you to consider God from a whole new point of view. Try it and see what you think. First of all unburden yourself for the time being of your prejudices and beliefs, just for the sake of argument.

[Picture of space]Imagine that everything is split into two camps — everything mankind knows and everything that mankind doesn’t know.

It should be obvious that a long time ago, mankind did not know very much, and (relatively speaking) today, mankind knows an awful lot more.

It follows that mankind’s knowledge has increased over time. In other words, what mankind doesn’t know has reduced over time.

A long time ago mankind didn’t know why his crops failed and so he blamed God or the gods. Sacrifices were made, superstitions created, rituals and routines thought up. There was an awful lot of unknowns, and so a lot was attributed to gods or to God.

And as time has passed and mankind’s knowledge has increased, less and less gets attributed to the unknown — less is attributed to the gods or God.

  • It is surely clear that what we don’t know is what God is.

[Picture of Tornado]When something happens that we cannot explain — it is declared a miracle, divine intervention etc. It is an Act of God.

When something happens at random, such as a tornado or hurricane, then we say it is an Act of God.

Therefore God is actually a catch-all term for the unknown — or unknowable.

Even religions support this; they say that God cannot be known, that it is impossible for mankind to know God — and that bears scrutiny, for how can you know the unknown. As soon as you understand, as soon as you know — then it’s got an explanation, and simply saying it was an Act of God won’t work.

Perhaps that is what is behind the rivalry between science and religion — science increases our knowledge every day which means that God is always shrinking.

Extrapolating into the future, when we know what happens after we die, when science has furnished us with the secrets of life itself, when we know it all, God vanishes; we become the supreme being — we become united with God, we become one with God.

3 Responses to “Who or What is God?”

  1. LK Says:

    Your other posts show that you are a lost soul seeking belief and meaning so you may be forgiven for this nonsense! You need to have a relationship with Our Lord Jesus, you need to BELIEVE in God. You cannot prove God’s existence because it is beyond your capabilities. Once you can see that and accept Jesus into your heart, only then will you see the Truth and The Light. And we DO know what God is, God is Love, Pure Love.

  2. rtone Says:

    I deliberately avoided talking about belief, and indeed I see no conflict with your (or anyone else’s) belief and what is considered in the above post.

    For example, let’s say you believed in Jesus — it is entirely possible to also believe in the above post; they are not related, they are mutually exclusive.

    I have said nothing about my own personal beliefs, and there is nothing in the above post that could lead anyone to infer anything about my personal beliefs (maybe that can be found elsewhere on this blog, who knows).

    You can even believe in Adam and Eve and still believe in the above post; we don’t know how everything was created, who create dit and why — therefore it makes perfect sense to say it was “something we don’t know” (a.k.a. God) — but that is not to say that God the supreme being (which we also don’t know) is not to be believed.

    Hope this helps clear that up!

  3. doris Says:

    I reckon that there is some sort of supreme being or energy force that governs us all BUT I do not believe in any of the religions. I think they are good for people and I respect their beliefs but it is not the meaning for life that I seek for myself.

    I just know that it is more important to live your life to the best of your abilities than to ponder or argue for God’s existence. I am sure he is secure enough with his own existence.

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