What is Democracy Anyway?

Monday, 5 November 2007

[Picture of democracy quote]DEMOCRACY is a myth.

“Democracy” seems to be considered to be a good and desirable “thing” — some people even believe that it is a basic human right. Others think of it as being natural. Honestly, the way the media report it, you would imagine that there is only one clearly defined “democracy”.

For goodness sake: people are dying in the fight for democracy — yet it can mean almost anything; it is a myth — and I will prove it!

We need to look at democratic models that presently exist, because that makes the point crystal clear — so I’ll now attempt to describe the democratic political systems of the USA, France and the UK and see if there is any similarity between them.

But, you know, even if I do a bad job of this in the details, the point I am making should still be served — in that none of the three countries are democratic, and that there is no similarity between them either!

[Picture of protests]The United States of America has a population of 303 million, so it is a big country. It is in fact a collection of “independent states” — hence the name “United States”, and each state has an elected Governor. They have Congress, and while in theory there can be any number of political parties for everything, the reality is that there are just two — Republican and Democratic — and they are very close, politically.

Funnily enough, what-is-now called the Democratic Party initially called itself the Republican Party!

You see, back in the period called the First Party System (1792 to 1824), there were two national parties competing for control of the Presidency, and Congress, “The Federalist Party” (created by Alexander Hamilton) and “The Republican Party” (created by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison).

  • In those days, the word “democrat” had bad connotations; no-one wanted to be accused of being a “democrat”! The Republican Party were labelled “Democratic” by the opposition Federalists, with the hope of stigmatising them as purveyors of democracy or mob rule!

From 1824, as the Federalist Party faded away, the Democratic-Republican party split into two. Some formed the modern Democratic Party, and the rest were absorbed by the Whigs. A few years later, enough people wanted the old party back, and so in the mid-1850s, a new Republican party was created — separate from the old Republican (now “Democratic”) party.

So it is clearly the case that there is very little to choose between these political parties — they are extremely close together in terms of what they stand for and what they can deliver.

It is bad enough to have just two parties to choose from, but the USA has even less choice as a result of the closeness of the politics. Can they really call themselves democratic?

The USA is a federal republic — so let’s compare it’s democratic system with another federal republic — France.

France has numerous political parties in which no single party has much chance of gaining power alone. Parties work with each other to form coalition governments. Since the 1980s, France’s government has alternated between two fairly stable coalitions:

  • On the left, the coalition led by “The Socialist Party” and with minor members such as “The Communist Party”, “Les Verts” and “The Left Radical Party”;
  • On the right is the coalition led by “The Union for a Popular Movement” and its predecessors “The Union for a Presidential Majority” and “The Rally for the Republic”, with the minor partner “The Union for French Democracy”.

[Picture of Le Pen]The successes of the far-right “National Front Party” show that it is possible for parties outside these coalitions to have some impact.

It may seem that — at the end of the day — France has just two options like the USA, but the differences far outweigh the similarities. The French have extremes of left and right politics tempered by coalitions, compared with the right wing politics of both North American parties.

  • To many, this would suggest that France has a better democracy than the USA. The 61 million French have more real choice when casting their vote than the 303 million Americans have.

But can the French really be called democratic?

[Picture of UK protest]The United Kingdom is close to France geographically and in population size. The UK is like France in being part of the European Union, but it also heads the British Commonwealth (a throwback to British Imperialism and the days of Empire), and there is a close relationship with the USA, it’s former colony and English-speaking “cousin”. The UK is supposed to be a democracy too.

However, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is anything but democratic! The country is ruled by a monarch, Queen Elizabeth — who is also the head of the Church of England (Anglican). Parliament is divided into two houses, the lower house of Commons (with 646 elected MPs), and the higher chamber, The House of Lords.

The House of Lords is filled with people who have not been voted for, indeed there are 26 archbishops and bishops of the Church of England! There are 92 hereditary peers, and over 700 peers in total — and everything done by the House of Commons’ elected members has to be passed by the unelected peers and bishops — and then approved by the Queen (on the advice of her unelected privy council).

[Picture of saltire]Northern Ireland and Wales are not even countries in their own right –Northern Ireland is a territory, and Wales is a principality — and in fact the country is formally known as “England and Wales”. Scotland is a country and the other half of the UK — the other kingdom.

  • Indeed, in Scotland, the monarch is Queen Elizabeth the first, elsewhere she is known as Queen Elizabeth the second.

Scotland has a devolved government that is made up of 73 constituency MSPs and 56 Regional MSPs, 7 for each of the 8 regions in a form of proportional representation that gives everyone two votes. This results in a coalition government. Northern Ireland has a different form of proportional representation. There is also a Welsh assembly. There remain many anomalies like The Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, The Channel Islands, The Virgin islands and so forth. The UK has MANY SYSTEMS of government under one roof — and has “democratic” participation in Europe too!

  • When the UK had Hong Kong, Chris Patten was the last Governor — and this was not democratic; he ruled the territory — they did not have the vote, and they even had the death penalty!

The British have loads of political parties, the main four being “The Conservative & Unionist Party”, “The New Labour Party”, “The Liberal Democratic party” and “The Scottish Nationalist Party”.

In the past, the Tories and the Whigs were close (and upper class), then there was more radical change when the parties evolved into the radicals — the Liberals and Conservative & Unionists. The biggest change — and widest choice being post war when the Labour Party offered socialism (a new idea) — and the UK swung between far left and far right, between (old) Labour and Conservative & Unionist. Today, however, many people see little real difference between New Labour and the Conservative & Unionist, and in almost every chamber, the balance of power lies with the Liberal Democrats.

So the UK, France and the USA are all supposed to be democratic countries. Indeed they will fight wars as allies under the banner of bringing democracy to countries — yet they do not seem to have very much in common.

[Picture of vote button]The 303 million Americans get a single vote and a choice between two parties that are almost identically right-wing.

The French have more radical left-wing and right-wing politics, and more parties to choose from, but wind up with one of two diluted coalition governments.

The Brits have more representation than any other country — see my earlier article: “Why Politicians are Not Good for Us” (Thursday, 12 April 2007) — and yet the final say is by the unelected, be it the Lords, the bishops, the privy council, the monarch, the civil service. The UK is a blend of Church and State, and a mish-mash of styles of government, most of which has nothing to do with voters!

  • I personally cannot see much commonality between these three great democracies, and I wonder what democracy will be in place in Iraq and Afghanistan!

[Picture of american protest]It amazes me that some people really believe that we have a democracy and demand that everyone participate in elections in order “to have a voice” — yet these are the same people who sign petitions and go on protest marches in order to get their voices heard!

The fact is that we elect people into public office — but instead of representing our best interests, they represent the party line. That is not democratic, surely!

Through vote-rigging and gerrymandering,the fact is that most people do not vote for the winner of elections. Most people did not vote for George Bush, and most people did not vote for Tony Blair or Margaret Thatcher.

[Picture of ballot paper]You can add it up any way you like — take all those who didn’t vote, add the votes for other parties and compare with the total for the winner — or take each constituency… let’s say you had ten constituencies, and your party won by one vote in six of them, then the difference between your winning party and the loser is just six votes in potentially thousands — is that democratic? Let’s say that in each of the four constituencies that your party lost, the difference was two votes — this tots up like this: your party got plus six and minus eight, meaning that the loser actually polled two more votes than your winning party! You may argue with statistics, but you cannot argue with simple arithmetic!

This may suggest that some form of proportional representation is the answer — but there are so many kinds to choose from — and anyway, they nearly always result in a coalition that delivers compromise and makes people frustrated.

[Picture of french riots]Take France, where coalitions are the norm — they are always going on strike, protesting and even rioting to get their voices heard!

There certainly seems to be a lack of democracy in these three long-standing and powerful democratic countries!

  • It is perfectly clear that democracy doesn’t exist — and indeed that it cannot exist. It makes no sense — and I would go as far as to suggest that democracy is an abnormal and unnatural idea that goes against nature and human nature!

[picture of Einstein]Let’s face it, we cannot all be Einsteins. Natural law shows that only a few will be clever, rich, beautiful, successful, and so forth. Democracy suggests that we all have equal rights, equal abilities and equal opportunities, when we don’t. It is a sad fact, but the majority of people are ugly, poor and stupid — and that is not something that is fit to rule.

So it is a myth — and it is meant to be a myth. The whole idea is to let all of us idiots think we have some control, some part to play, involvement and participation.

  • THAT is what democracy is. A con trick.

Having said that, and in conclusion, I would have to say that I am glad that democracy cannot exist, because I don’t want mob-rule, committee decisions, compromise, lowest common denominator results. I prefer to leave things in the capable hands of a few experts and specialists.

One Response to “What is Democracy Anyway?”

  1. ----- Says:

    Real democracy is still an unattainable ideal, and even then, there is no system in the world as a basis, rule or sense of comparison for evaluation of full and genuine democracy, and neither can exist, because we have to get on their essence and see who benefits. For the ancient Greek aristocracy existed broader “democracy”, but for the slaves, the oppressed, the downtrodden, the destitute, the disenfranchised and excluded (which were the absolute majority), democracy was only an empty word.
    The political organization, or government of the people, by the people and for the people, which is founded on popular sovereignty, and the balanced distribution of power, that to strengthen the process of democracy, has to act on a continuous and diligent in order to achieve an outcome that benefits or take into account the real interests of the majority. And again, can not be safeguarded in the first place, preserving, securing or guaranteeing all costs the political domain of a privileged minority.
    And besides, the political organization of all the people can not endure as a regime unsympathetic to the evolution of social institutions, and neither must serve as the fulcrum for the salvation of the political regime hostile political and social innovations, which does not is committed to the changes that aspire to the improvements or renovations to receiving the absolute majority of the population.
    The political organization, or government of the people, by the people and for the people, can not only serve as a ruse, or relied on by the choice of ordinary elections venal and deceitful agents representing professional sly with that jockey would read, and that nothing to express concern or to protect the interests of the majority.
    The doctrine or political regime founded on the principles of popular sovereignty and equitable distribution of power can not only serve as a hoax, justifying unfair lawsuits that assert the political domination of the interests of the institutions that defend the economic structure that favors the lesser part of society , Which uses economic power to effect or hyping their professional representatives venal agents sly cronies and populist.
    The political organization of all the people or government of the people, by the people and for the people, must always work to defend the real interests of the majority of the population, aiming to perform a sensible application of rational activity in the production of material goods and spiritual, so that the absolute majority to win or achieve the necessary benefits and opportunities they need.
    And yet, the thieves and untrustworthy agents representing professional sly carrying politically stimulating the popular passions in pursuit of personal political advantage, or who cling to the traditions and reject all kinds of political and social innovations, and who are always misleading to pretend to an absolute majority with false pieties and fraudulent collusion, collusion and bargaining, policies or attitudes that are to make promises of wonderful achievements, creating a situation of expectation and hope for evading the majority of people.
    The absolute majority, made up of people of modest circumstances with few resources and only the living stipend of his work, so the same way as all other subjugated, exploited, oppressed, destitute, deprived and excluded people – to strengthen the process democracy for the majority of people, or gain political power in conjunction with his real and true representatives unselfish, affectionate, renewals political, moral or social, must constantly raged against those who are striving to conserve the current political and social status.
    And to gain the essential benefits they need, the absolute majority of popular power has to avoid that the system of exploitation and economic power, which serves the interests of the privileged minority, fail to induce the masses to error when powerful tricks to dominate and oppress the poor.
    And further, the absolute majority it has to be organized, informed and knowledgeable, to strengthen the democratic process, and have the power or the right to decide and act for the conquest of political power.
    And, likewise, never leaving or staying believing everything in the hands of attorneys representing professional madrasas corrupt demagogues, opportunists and swindlers, the hostile political and social innovations, which use the sorrelfa or any other expedient, just to achieve promotions and rewards Personal tricking or deceiving and controlling the life of an absolute majority, without even providing services designed to deliver improvements in social conditions to really change the lives of those less fortunate.
    The absolute majority must always realize the importance in participating in public affairs and social skills, constantly striving to achieve goals, objectives and opportunities for the reason that, the value is actually the means of achieving a dignified human existence with better quality of life.
    And therefore the absolute majority should not be resigned to live suffering and dying for the owners of the food situation, ie, accepting everything that a machine designed to keep the field of minority bourgeois be determined in time or when the powerful holding privileges to feel threatened, will serve up every time the army of “justice” of prisons and punitive organs, so to stay in power at any cost, displacing and subduing the majority, or leaving her submissive, aloof and away from the direction and management of public affairs and social issues.
    All nations of the free world must find its own form of expression, to win their own freedom and blaze his own path. The people are sovereign to decide their own destiny and build the process of democracy and freedom in accordance with its ideals of development, or social, cultural, political and economic.
    And, at any time, the nations of the free world, should allow interference in its internal affairs by any force or imperial power.
    The people of each country has every right to fight for its social and national liberation, and choose the best path of development.
    All nations must be free, sovereign and independent of any imperialist interference, to design and build the process of democracy and freedom, as their ideals of development or social, cultural, political and economic, claim always to ensure the sovereignty and independence national.
    Therefore, the will of an absolute majority of people in change and to defend an ideal that meets the interests or wishes of the majority of the population, can also constitute itself as a process of freedom and democracy when it happens, when tens of million people come to the conclusion that one can not keep living like this and thus chose the path of social revolution for national liberation.
    The processes of democracy are diverse and reflect the political, social and cultural development of each nation. Democracies are based on fundamental principles and practices not in uniform because there is no real model, perfect shape, or full copy of Democracy in the world, and there is no single model that fits all regions and all countries.
    The system by which governs the self-centered, arrogant, extremist imperial regime of the United States of America, which to judge the champion of “democracy” for example, is nothing but a tyrannical power of the bourgeoisie and monopoly capital. Since, in the organization of American political power, all powers are united in the hands of the ruling class, which does not allow any threat to its rule, and that can not be contradicted, criticized or have organized opposition unfavorable prerogatives, ideals or bourgeois principles, for the capital and the interests of the bourgeoisie in the first place and has to be defended at any cost.
    And, as a result, the U.S. imperial tyrannical regime, is always compressed in the narrow confines of the farm, and therefore always remains in essence a scheme for the minority bourgeois exploiter, uniquely for the propertied classes, only for the rich.
    All noisy propaganda of “Democracy” in the United States of America, is but a thin layer, behind which it becomes increasingly difficult not to hide or disguise the big bourgeoisie and the dictatorship of monopoly capital.
    Therefore, the disastrous U.S. imperial regime, is the exercise of a privileged minority and owner on the exploited majority, indigent, destitute and excluded. It is therefore the dominant minority bourgeois class dictatorship that exercises to strengthen, maintain or strengthen their positions.
    The covert political regime and illusory national-imperialist “democratic” United States of America, is nothing but a circus, a sham, a fraud, a charade, a make-believe with marked cards, just to say it and deluding deals with “democracy” for the majority.
    Therefore, the functions of political institutions of democracy “is to ensure the bourgeois class rule (dictatorship) of the bourgeoisie and their privileges.
    The greedy imperial regime of the USA, is a form of nationalist government in which all powers to amass in the hands of groups linked to parties representing the interests of the bourgeoisie.
    Therefore, the United States of America, only two major parties of the bourgeoisie alternate in power for decades and, in that consensus, cheat and deceive the majority, when representing and defending the interests of capital and social layer that holds privileges.
    The Democratic and Republican parties are colluding with the commitments it has privileged minority, that is, each is supported by limited groups of the bourgeoisie and monopoly capital, which seek only to enrich and serve its own interests.
    The two parties do not add anything to the majority, and even disguise the existence of simulating the position of ideological opposition to one another. But the essence is ever the same, ie in a broader sense, the bourgeoisie is always in charge, controlling or conducting quiet power with any form of administration (with its two or more parties similar) and, without objection on his dictatorship.
    And the sight of this, both parties are representatives of the ruling class, and whose difference does not go much beyond the name. And this does not mean that the absolute majority of the people, or just want to just merely the existence of these two parties.
    In the U.S., the Democratic and Republican parties are colluding, that consensus, deceive voters always delegate the representatives of the bourgeoisie and the Great Monopoly Capital: the power to decide all the time laws in favor of the ruling class. And, under these conditions the key positions in the organs of power in the world of capital, are always occupied by representatives of the bourgeoisie.
    By the way, both parties have large space on the media in the Media and Advertising Agencies, which represents a powerful means of ideological influence and be exactly those which are under the domination of the ruling class that, while being privileged minority, however it is all powerful.
    Voters are induced to error effectively, to think that deciding for either of the two parties will be changes, but nothing changes and the nature is always immutable.
    Before that, no different character oppressive, hostile, aggressive and expansionist policy of obsessive imperial U.S., and, just to observe the way the nefarious American Empire, leads a negotiation in which gangster do diplomacy, in which bluff, bully Threaten and lie to the international community.
    Well, it’s like changing six per half dozen, as in the U.S., the two parties deceive the masses, and contribute greatly to reduce the influence of other parties and thus help to keep people trapped in bourgeois ideology.
    It is true that there are other parties in the U.S., but that does not have a chance to compete with the economic power of these two parties of the bourgeoisie, in addition, U.S. law hinders maximum participation of other parties in elections inventing numerous subterfuges and legal obstacles, including for example, the need to collect thousands of signatures in a very short time held in the presence of witnesses and recorded notoriously obtaining licenses for the collectors of signatures, etc. And even if the other parties manage to overcome all barriers, electoral commissions often deprive us of the possibility of participating in elections under the pretext of the signatures were illegible or any other pretext invented.
    Manipulation of consciousness of the population applies widely in the U.S., in order that the people always elect politicians who represent the interests of the bourgeoisie and monopoly capital – at all times to decide the laws to favor the privileged ruling class of income .
    And, to manipulate the consciousness of the masses, the bourgeois propaganda extensively uses a special political language, which distorts and obscures the real meaning of events.
    The pretense of legislating projects or social and political reforms, but mainly in order to safeguard, preserve, ensure and guarantee the power at any cost, or policy area the privileged minority, or the interests of the wealthy class of society – the venal, mendacious and wicked political representatives as elected representatives of the bourgeoisie, hinder, or always get the achievements by the people, which is benefiting the vast majority of the population.
    And this cunning scheme of deceptions, the word “democracy” is just a slogan used by the bourgeoisie to keep themselves in power, or achieve goals and objectives, tricking or deceiving the vast majority of the people.
    Though only palliative make concessions to the popular masses, or even political maneuvers, face the danger of revolutionary crisis, or even argue that the people live in a society whose “democracy” reflects the will and interests of the majority, the which all have opportunities to achieve goals and objectives, without prejudice or distinction, and where everyone can reach.
    In the U.S. the “freedom of speech and expression” and the exercise of rights of association and assembly, including participation in nongovernmental organizations and unions, yet remain; since, are not affecting the interests of the bourgeoisie and monopoly capital; but at any time when the authorities that constitute the bourgeois political organization, consider that the interests of the bourgeoisie and capital are being undermined by public acts and collective feelings and opinions taken by the exploited, oppressed, destitute, deprived and excluded – then these events will be considered “illegal ” and “abusive” and can be prevented, prosecuted, scattered or repressed by the police. Therefore, the bourgeoisie when it feels uncomfortable, always uses the state machinery for compelling the social repression of his opponents.
    The insidious and brazen with its political bourgeoisie; safeguards are always defending their interests by making private use of the strategy to muster the people who labor, and living on modest means, or who are deprived and needs, bringing up against each other, aiming thereby disjungir and weaken the unit. And thus forcing those who work conformed to accept the lives they lead, because the bourgeoisie inzoneira places society against all dismissed that claim and fight for improvements in their lives; with invective by saying that the workers with their claims or diligent Hamper the work of the whole society.
    Democracies understand that one of its main functions is to protect basic human rights such as freedom of expression, the right to equal legal protection, and the opportunity to organize and participate fully in political, economic and cultural society.
    The U.S. imperialists who think themselves the “guardians ” of human rights, legalize torture, invade and destroy sovereign nations; finance bizarre attacks using weapons of more advanced weapons technologies, which sacrifice themselves to lives of thousands of people.
    Moreover, the imperialists devastate entire countries, playing their populations in poverty by promoting bloody occupation and destruction. Similarly, establishing puppet dictatorships that murdered hundreds of thousands of men, women and innocent children, besides the economic and social devastation, and all this simply to satisfy the interests of monopoly capital.
    “Democracy is for the American empire, as the U.S. rule, dictate the rules, and subjugate the people undergoing the condition and position of servitude, exploitation, passivity, dependence, obedience, submission, subservience and control, but when people surged and try to put themselves, or to oppose against the interference, greed, domination, tyranny, or will U.S. interests – then this will be considered a dictatorship to the U.S. Empire. ”
    People who really yearn to be free, sovereign and independent, and for this, come join a consistent way to build the development of democratic processes, as their social, cultural, political, economics, and thus advocate to not be in hands, knees, submissive, obedient, subservient, under control, or serving the interests and purposes of American imperialism.
    And so, failing to pray in the booklet of the United States of America, these people are persecuted, and their free and fair elections are considered by the empire of illegal or fraudulent, because the U.S. imperialists will only accept elections regimes harmless, helpless, puppets Subservient, supportive and minions of the Empire. Moreover, the government elected by those free peoples who do not accept being subject to the whims of the United States of America, are always labeled or buffeted of totalitarian tyranny, dictatorship and its enemies.
    The Imperious oppressive regime of the U.S., which always argues with the international community, to make economic sanctions, embargoes or restrictive measures designed to obstruct the commerce and communications of free nations, sovereign and independent, contrary to policy of imperial expansion and domination.
    And, with these measures, the catchy, powerful, arrogant, dangerous, brutal and threatening U.S. empire, which is considered above the law, aimed mainly harm the economy of the free territories, so that thereby makes them power and thus , and overthrow it impossible to execute or further the development with freedom, independence and sovereignty of free nations, which positions the foundling’s imperial domination and tyranny of the U.S..
    The Americans who consider themselves the masters of power and status, scholars haughty, superior and better than the whole human race – with its system of government founded on the power of unbridled domination, and with provocative stance, the empire install military bases all regions of the world to prevail or show of force to intimidate and threaten the free world, with military exercises constant and large scale.
    For the imperialists try to evade all forms of human nature, by placing the truth upside down, when they present themselves as champions of “freedom” and “Democracy”; even make use of these principles with dogged cavil that are unique real “representatives” or “defenders” of those ideals.
    However, all this is pure trickery in an attempt to justify, convince or impress the mind of the international community, that the interventions that are fair in free countries, sovereign and independent, which are repugnant to subject themselves, or to submit to imperial domination .
    And, as a result, these free countries, struggling incessantly against imperial aggression and oppression, not to their knees, passive, mild, submissive, quiet, behaved, obedient, under the command, control, or absolute dominion of the empire.
    The U.S. imperialists, with its expansion, influence, or even territorial domination, cultural and economic world, with use audacity, cunning and strategy of domination, the two magic words that are considered key, or “Freedom”and “Democracy, ” which are used with subtlety just sophistry to conceal their real purposes of possession of the free world.
    However, contrary to enunciate on “Freedom”and “Democracy,” and National farsistas the U.S. imperialists, intent on keeping the free world under the domination, control and authority.
    And for that, so cunning plot on the pretense to deceive or mislead the people, by making use of maneuvers using violence or harm perpetrated; aiming to deprive the people free, sovereign and independent, the use of treachery or hypocritical that the causes that are just defend and fight for “Freedom”and “Democracy.”
    The U.S. empire, with purpose to intimidate the masses and take the reins at the internal politics of nations free, sovereign and independent; maintain a policy of oppression to achieve their goal of dominating the free world.
    And for that, as a truism perspicuity of his intentions, the empire installs and maintains military bases on every continent and, likewise, promote invasion to overthrow legitimate governments of nations free, sovereign and independent, opposing the policy of expansion and domination Imperial.
    And the villain in this manner with its policy rapacious empire, is spreading hostility extorting concessions through the use of threat of weapons and brute force, raw materials and other assets they need.
    For that, rule genocides around the world free, free nations into debt, buy their politicians and governments puppets, marionettes also support states to undertake destabilizing policies, regional discord and misunderstanding or subversive acts violent and intimidating, the service system of the insidious U.S. Imperial.
    The all powerful and wealthy U.S. Empire, packaging for the masses and dominate the free world, use it as a strategy to bypass, the constant application of the words that are pleasing and are a decisive element, or “Freedom” and “Democracy”; for thus deceiving and trying to justify to the international community, that the acts of aggression and domination that perform throughout the free world, are sublime and fair, and thus falsely claiming that they are the real defenders of these ideals.
    However, when the nation really decide or act according to its own determinations, aspiring to be free, sovereign and independent, organizing the development of democratic processes, depending on their realities, social, cultural, political, economics, and thus contrary to the interests of USA; immediately comes to hostile reaction of the empire.
    And conflict with U.S. interests, so ready, comes from the U.S. empire, open treatment, hostile and unfair, animosity inflicted with the free nations – disappeared in this way, the much vaunted and touted extensively words “Liberty” and “Democracy “who hypocritically used by the empire as a strategy, the masses of people to undergo a terrible brainwashed, mesmerized and conditioned to believe or accept the U.S.; by mistake and so false, as the sole, legitimate, true real or “representative”and”defender” of these ideals.
    But the truth always appears, ie the real and true intentions of the Almighty, menacing, possessive, brutal, aggressive, arrogant and terrorist American empire, take by storm the world are free to impose their designs with violence through brute force, with total and absolute disregard the resolutions of the international community, when they take out invasive interventions in areas free, sovereign and independent, thus violating the human rights, with blows, truculence, robberies, harassment, repression, torture, massacres, looting and war .
    All nations must be free, sovereign and independent of any imperial power, for so the process of building democracy and freedom in accordance with its ideals of development, or social, cultural, political and economic.
    And, indeed, to gain autonomy and freedom, fearless people of free nations must constantly fight the direct or indirect interference in its internal affairs.
    For it is only applicable to the native peoples of a nation or territory, form an opinion critical of the exercise or performance of his government, and whatever form of government established.
    And so is only applicable to the native peoples of a free nation, the overthrow of political power drivers side, they deem to be stewards despots, demagogues, corrupt, crooks, opportunists and profiteers, and all this must be done without interference of any foreign imperial power.
    People really free, sovereign and independent of any force or imperial power, should always lay the foundations and goals to constantly strive for the construction of the process of democracy and freedom, as their development ideals that bring them benefits.
    The imperialists use as a strategy of domination both beautiful, magnificent, spectacular, fantastic and wonderful words that are decisive element, namely, “Liberty ” and “Democracy”, so as to seduce and deceive the masses, sure to guarantee power on unrestricted free nations, sovereign and independent, and thereby impose their system of domination that abuses of the ingenuity, superstition, false belief, ignorance or misunderstanding of an absolute majority.
    Only a people conscious, wise, free, sovereign and independent of any force or imperial power, can build the process of democracy and freedom, as their ideals of development, with their social, political, economics, and all without imperialist interference.
    Therefore, the reality of a free people with his political organization has to be referenced or binding in all respects, because, before that, what actually exists in life, cultural, social, political and economic one people is not like the constitution of the organization other people with their customs and traditions.
    The powerful own the means of production and not wanting to lose their privileges, they do everything to defend them at any cost, even if it is through the use of violence and bloodshed.
    Therefore, do not want to ever allow any time, that the power and benefits are extended to the majority coming from oppression, for that way, the vast majority will not get out of control or policy area of bourgeois political organization.
    But when a powerful nation or territory lost control of the political, and not wanting to be without the domain of power, then turn to Coups often with the help of U.S. imperialism.
    And to ensure your domain and privileges of the bourgeoisie uses will, authoritarianism and an iron hand, always to remain in power at any cost.
    And, to obstruct the democratic process of the formation popular revolutionary bourgeoisie to defend its interests whenever those proponents in providing the necessary strength in the defense or support the interests of the majority.
    The bourgeois class and privileged ruling minority, always uses brute force to have guarantees to prevent any cost, that the vast majority consists of people from modest circumstances with few resources, and the only living stipend of his work, so the same manner as all other subjugated, exploited, oppressed, destitute, deprived and excluded, will organize themselves to form the development of democratic processes or people’s revolutionary regime of democracy and real freedom to reach the absolute majority of the people.

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