When Politics Died

Thursday, 11 September 2008

[Picture of adding machine]IN the USA you could be a Democrat or a Republican, in the UK you could be for the Conservative & Unionist party, the New Labour Party, or the Liberal Democrats.

The logic tells us all that if you are for one, then it follows that you are against the rest.  The difference has to be something to do with what the political party stands for. But things have now changed; politics died.

At one time it would have been possible to say that the party that is socialist would be happy to care for the needy using your tax money, but that is “old thinking”; New Labour, for example, have found that tax can be used as a deterrent and a punishment (road tax, tax on petrol etc) and that Government projects can be funded from the private sector (PFIs and PPPs) instead of (or as well as ) being funded from taxes.

A lot of people began to see the parties head toward what is called “The middle” or the “centre” of the political spectrum — a convergence of ideologies, with the best of all parties being stolen, and the worst discarded as “old fashioned”.

  • So, in that way alone, we can suggest that politics has died; what is there to choose between them?
  • However, when we introduce value for money ideas, then we leave political ideology forever, and can finally say that politics is well and truly dead.

Let me try to explain this.

Let’s say that you work in the NHS and you see that a certain group of people have worse teeth than another group — what do you do about it?  Obviously, you target this group — you want better figures, you want them to have better teeth.  If they won’t come to the dentist’s surgery, then you could take the surgery to them — you could tackle whatever it is that is stopping those at risk getting check-ups and treatment.

Or you could pay them to come to the dentist’s surgery.  That is the point when politics dies.

[Picture of calculator and accounting stuff]It has gone beyond party politics, beyond philosophy, beyond religion, in fact beyond everything except money.  Someone in government has calculated the cost to the tax payer of allowing the situation to continue — the cost of treatment overall, and it is cheaper to pay them to have preventative measures taken.

We can pay people not to rob us — because it cheaper than putting them in jail.

We can bail out banks and other financial institutions using tax money, because it is cheaper, or better for stability.

In other words, we wave “goodbye” to the ideas BEHIND our actions, and we make cost-effectiveness our new GOD — and THAT is the end of politics, because all we now need is an accountant.


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