How Sport is Flawed

Sunday, 21 February 2010

[Picture of Laurel Wreath]MY argument here is simple: sport is about athletes and spectators.  Human beings, individuals, and even teams — but not countries, and not political or religious ideologies.

[Picture of an Olympic gold medal]As I grew up I saw the USA invest in sport in order to win more gold medals than the USSR.  I saw the Munich Massacre, and I see the religious bigotry and sectarian violence in football.  I see advertising and television deals and massive amounts of money.

In my opinion, this is NOT what sport is supposed to be about.

The Olympics — the spirit of the real, original Olympics was about fairness, effort, competition, losing well, and winning gracefully. It was a celebration of amateur fitness and competitiveness.  The laurel wreath was the perfect symbol of this — it is natural and the antithesis of a gold medal!  The wreath was a crown for the individual champion, the person who deserved it — the person who won it against peers.

[Picture of Mark Foster and a British flag]This has nothing to do with flags, nothing to do with religion, and nothing to do with politics.

It is sad to me that this event has been so corrupted.  The winner stands on a podium to wear a medal and hear a national anthem.

This is not war.  In war, people serve their country, they fight for their ideals.  With God on our side, we good folk fight the baddies, and win.  (The winners are always the ones favoured by God).

[Picture of the flag of the USSR]What of the sportsmen and women who “represented” countries (like the USSR and East Germany) that no longer exist? Or for that matter, countries that have changed their name.

I feel sad for sportsmen who work hard to be a sporting individual only to get hijacked by a flag.  Are they really doing it for their country?  If they did, is that healthy?

[Picture of Paul Gascoigne's Rangers Sectarian Flute drama]I also believe that football is being ruined by money and religion — I can see footballers having an incentive when it comes t0 large sums of money, but not when it comes to religion.

The world would be a much better place in my opinion if sportsmen had no nationalities.  Until that day, sport is flawed.


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