How Words Manipulate Part 2

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

[Picture of PM interview with Jeremy Paxman]IN a previous article posted on this blog, I attempted to show how easily we are manipulated by the wording of copyright restriction notices (see How Words Manipulate of January 2007). I wrote that article because it had become annoying enough in my mind and I needed an outlet.

Recently I have been getting annoyed by the rhetoric of the gutter press, magazines, web sites, radio and television — especially when journalists interview serious professionals who cannot resort to quips or soundbites, or when politicians are involved!

That is why I have returned to this subject. This time I want to concentrate on how we are manipulated by the spoken word — by what is known as Read the rest of this entry »

How Words Manipulate

Friday, 5 January 2007

[Picture of The USA’s FBI Anti-Piracy logo]WORDS are abused these days – or perhaps I should state that we are being subliminally influenced by words chosen to secretly manipulate us.

To be clear, I am discussing the notion of copyright.

Everywhere today we see: “Piracy“… Read the rest of this entry »

What to Take Care of

Sunday, 27 July 2003

[Picture: Elvis’s pendant:Taking Care of Business]EACH and every person has areas of their lives in which they have some control or influence. This is important to know and to understand what it can mean, but it is something that is all-too-often overlooked or forgotten.

The news media feeds us information and invites us to ‘do something about it’ — to ‘give money’, to ‘vote now’. We are asked to care and to become involved in some way.

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Why Porn Makes People Unhappy

Friday, 1 November 2002

[Picture of a man and woman on sofa]PORNOGRAPHY originally referred to the written word. When I use the word, I mean all media — still photographs, comic books, oil-paintings, movies — every form of media.

Some people will want to argue Read the rest of this entry »