What is Art Part 1

Sunday, 4 May 2008

[Black and White Photograph of Artist Jackson Pollock at work dripping Paint onto a canvas]EVERYONE seems to know what “art” is until you ask them. It’s all very complicated for such a small word!

I decided to investigate, and found that the meaning of “art” has changed over quite a short period of time — and not merely changed, but radically changed so that it presently means the polar opposite of what it originally meant — and that’s pretty amazing, in my opinion. Read the rest of this entry »

Where Is the Quality?

Monday, 1 October 2007

[Picture of Winston Churchill]WE LIVE IN A BLAND WORLD. Devoid of personality, free from character and lacking in wit.

We have created a world of political correctness, of feminine sidedness and equality, an irrational and fundamentally dishonest world. A good question would be “why?” — but I suppose no-one is allowed to ask that! Read the rest of this entry »

[Picture of a latte]THE American Dream is called ‘Success’ when in fact it is just ‘Excess’. Big cars, big houses, big meals, big salaries, big people, big coffins. It’s all BIG.

We are informed that the Mediterranean peoples are healthy, so let’s compare. The Italians are the slimmest people in Europe… but Europe is getting fatter as the American influence continues. Read the rest of this entry »