What is Justice?

Saturday, 27 June 2009

judge-wigKANT’S Categorical Imperative suggests that there is a morality based on duty. Duty is a morality that must be obeyed or else we become savages.

When I “did” Kant at university, it was explained to me that people sentenced to prison or death would have to be imprisoned or killed — even if the world was suddenly about to end! The law is the law regardless.

Kant tended to be used as the opposition to “Utilitarianism” — the philosophy that underpins the law of the United Kingdom.

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Why Porn Makes People Unhappy

Friday, 1 November 2002

[Picture of a man and woman on sofa]PORNOGRAPHY originally referred to the written word. When I use the word, I mean all media — still photographs, comic books, oil-paintings, movies — every form of media.

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